The Theory of the (E) question and its applications in physics

Explaining the skeleton of the theory

My work presents a new physical scenario. This affirmation, alone, may sound a little bit pretentious but all recent experimentations concerning the discovery of dark matter failed. This is at least motivating the search for new theories. My scenario is just one of them. I shall try to explain it as clearly as possible in this website. The underlying idea is based on an old statement: the volumes occupied by the "matter" (a word deserving a better definition) is ridiculously small if compared with the volume where nothing exists. To know more, please read: Vacuum-and-Strings

Table of contents

A. Einstein versus W. Heisenberg?

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The EM fields of the theory

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The subtle interplay between geometry and EM fields

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The natural link with topological insulators

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Recovering the Einstein's field equations

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The link with the cosmology

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