Legal notice
Keep cool and, please, respect that website

Important technical informations

I do my best to deliver texts, photos and documents with a good standard of quality (for example: the domain has a https adress; the documents are scanned with an anti-virus). But, despite of all these collective efforts, you visit this website at your own risks for your material and for your programs. 

Since some people don't like initiatives like mine because they see them as a concurrence, most of my scientific documents are now no more freely available and you will have to visit to read them. 

This website is not a commercial website.

I don't feel concern by any bad usage which will be done by third persons, companies or institutions with my work or with this website. When you contact me, please avoid spams and fuck news, inclusively publicities and commercial sollicitations. 

The purpose of this website

I just hope that everyone will respect my work, my website and understand that all what is exposed here, first is my own work (The document are labeled with a ISBN which has been deliverd by the "Bibliothèque Nationale de France") and, second, has only a pedagogical purpose. Exposing my research is actually my best way to give back what others have teached me. 

My work belongs to the category "original research", is not done by a "professional" since I am only a retired doctor in dentistery (University René Descartes) and "equiped" with a modest certificate in radioprotection (French society APAVE -specialization: dentistery). You are encouraged to read my explorations with the necessary criticisism. 

Complementary informations

This website is hosted by the society "Webnode" (see the link below for more informations). 

No individual statistic is done by this society.

The society "Webnode" is installed in Switzerland.  

Updated 29 June 2018