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Starting a long period of seff-criticism

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A. Einstein - W. Heisenberg

This self-criticism of my project can be read on researchgate.net

A fact is that the "new" formalism proposed by the theory of the (E) question for electromagnetic fields can be obtained independently on the intervening of the Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle (short HUP). This is a mathematical fact which avoids the un-necessary metaphysical confrontation between two important but incompatible political visions of our world. I actually start a deepening of my own work, learning more and more about Lie algebras, deformed Lie algebras a.s.a. My central preoccupation is what I call a correct inter-connection between the perceptible three-dimensional world and the four-dimensional world in which we are supposed to live in. This implies to be thinking about time, causality, entropy, and quite more. 

10 May 2018